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With the advent of Green Star developments and NABERS ratings for buildings, the complex field of energy management systems comes to the fore.

A correctly installed system, which allows for ongoing fine tuning of systems relative to their energy consumption, is essential in gaining and maintaining a NABERS rating to ensure a premise’s ongoing profitability — and Systemax helps take the stress out of keeping your building compliant.

Our forecasting tools and reports cover commissioning and tuning sheets which show processes and alterations, and our systems ensure crucial data is available and easily accessible to clients and independent assessors to streamline the accreditation process.


Tuning and On-going Performance Monitoring

With Systemax, green doesn’t mean expensive. In fact, we achieve the lowest cost through our focus on sustainability, and create value by pioneering the most efficient tuning modules and processes.

Our secure and easy-to-use systems provide the highest levels of web functionality and thermographics, a high degree of integration, unlimited expandability, an endless number of users, remote monitoring, servicing and modifications.

Because building systems are integrated, a deficiency in any of its processes can cause suboptimal operation and performance. Systemax can address these problems through system tuning, which creates a host of benefits including:

  • Improved building occupant productivity
  • Lower utility bills through energy savings
  • Increased occupant and owner satisfaction and safety
  • Enhanced environmental and health conditions, along with occupant comfort
  • Improved system and equipment function
  • Improved building operation and maintenance
  • Better building documentation
  • Significant extension of equipment and the life-cycle of your systems.


All systems require servicing to maintain continued reliable operation — but if it isn’t done properly, a BMS won’t work like it should.

Systemax reduce the need for ‘old school’ servicing because our reliable installations, proven equipment and intelligent programming mean that long hours spent onsite physically maintaining equipment can be replaced by more efficient assessments of plant operations via the BMS.   Correct evaluation of data, along with our advice for fine-tuning strategies, help prevent problems before they arise and provide ongoing recommendations for facility performance optimisation.

Information analysis and reporting — comprehensive reporting is available through the web interface, allowing for easy access to all data by remote and local staff. Standard or user defined reporting can be configured, while all browser-generated reports can be saved in .PDF or Excel format, or exported to a XML/SOAP compliant software package. These applications include MS Word and MS Excel.

  • Data is stored and archived within the SQL databases
  • A scheduling report allows fast overviews of plant, schedules and operating times
  • Specific user after-hours air-conditioning requests and schedules can be made through the web browser if required
  • Customised billing data  can be generated automatically (user defined) for after-hours energy usage
  • Control strategies can be viewed with real time data through the “logic” page of the web browser, making issues easy to identify and repair.

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