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We deliver systems that not only meet the expectations of our clients, but use every available resource to maximise results.
When managing your project, we use open lines of communication and liaise with clients and developers to meet deadlines and budgets, while delivering our own exemplary standards of accountability and productivity.All facets of the project are fully documented and clearly communicated throughout the project team.


Our solutions are state-of-the-art across building management, control and monitoring — enabling optimum use of energy against comfort conditions.We use the highest levels of web functionality through secure and flexible access from home computers, the Internet and mediums like utilising web based functionality, allowing multiple users to access the system at any one time.We can integrate other sites to a central monitoring facility and automatically distribute alarms to nominated points — all through reliable services that are easy-to-use with future-proof solutions, without the ongoing costs of licensing fees.



An integral part of energy management is the ability to collate data from the facility’s energy sources including electrical, solar, wind, generator, gas and water. Systemax’s energy management systems provide whole of facility energy profiling for analysis and incorporation into ongoing tuning control strategies. Smart, affordable energy metering solutions incorporating standard communication protocols provide ease of connect ability without being locked into specific products.


To bring all the requirements of water, electricity, security and lighting together, some providers claim to provide fully integrated packages but fail to explain that integrated systems are specifically-designed, application-specific components bundled under the one umbrella. Confused? Without locking clients into one provider for all their services, Systemax can support the use of different devices on different systems to be connected, with data collected on a central system giving a single point of access. As a result, it is easier for you to monitor, control and assess.


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