Evaluation and Assessment

Building management systems (BMS) and the tools that make running them more efficient are no longer an after-thought — they are now integral to new constructions and existing buildings alike, because they make operations more cost-efficient, effective and environmentally-friendly.

Some companies might be able to make assessments about energy and water conservation, saving or usage, yet few can offer the tools to deliver the promised results.

Our services and tools allow facility operators to plan, manage and initiate energy savings which quickly result in cost savings, using the latest technology to maximise performance.

We help facilities and tenants save money by assessing their operations to improve efficiency, with our range of audit services including:

  • Overall facility performance assessments for all major plant and equipment impacting energy performance and carbon footprinting.
  • Develop easy ways for operators and support staff to alter operating parameters without compromising comfort levels of occupants.
  • Optimising areas of building operation to reduce consumption and costs by looking at operational hours, out-of-hours operation, comfort versus efficiency and lighting levels.

With a focus on energy reduction and environmental sustainability, Systemax thoroughly assesses building operations with tuning tools that maintain energy-reducing strategies and reduce costs for clients.



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