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Design and Documentation

When building operations are optimised, we help improve costs, consumption and comfort.

While some companies have a ‘get it up and running now, and worry about it later’ approach, Systemax sets an industry benchmark in both form and function working closely with clients to deliver solutions that are sustainable, manageable and cost-effective.

Managing integrated systems is easy with our intuitive programs — designed for usability with dynamic, interactive graphics using web language without special software or plug-ins, they are unrestricted by user licences, fully accessible across product lines and web appliances such as mobile devices, and all with the assurance of sophisticated system protection with multi-level passwords and a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) boasting 128-bit encryption security.

An integral part of energy management is the ability to collate data from the facility’s energy sources including electrical, solar, wind, generator, gas and water. Systemax’s energy management systems provide whole of facility energy profiling for analysis and incorporation into ongoing tuning control strategies. Smart, affordable energy metering solutions incorporating standard communication protocols provide ease of connect ability without being locked into specific products

When it comes to working together, our practices and processes are as thorough as our building solutions.  From start to finish, Systemax ensures peace-of-mind, accountability and efficiency by delivering a comprehensive system documentation plan that includes:

  • Personalised end user interaction to ensure the appropriate system performance opportunities are considered to achieve the very best facility performance at the most economical rate.
  • Qualified system integration matrixes defining system demarcations and connect ability.
  • Technical scope of works specifications for all services functionality and operation.
  • Detailed functional descriptions of integrated system operations.
  • Detailed points listing and controller-specific wiring diagrams.
  • Detailed LAN (local area network) schematics identifying the appropriate communications cabling configuration.
  • All projects supplied with all the databases, engineering, control logics, graphics and web configuration tools needed to configure and operate the system now and in the future.


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