Project Description

St Stephen’s Hospital

In 2014 Systemax were contracted to provide new BMS services as part of an expansion to the hospital. As there was an existing BMS for the currently operating part of the hospital we were required to replace the incumbent system.

The BMS monitors and controls theatre temperature and humidity levels in a critical environment. Interface is provided via graphical touch screens in each space allowing the user to monitor and alter conditions to meet immediate requirements. Air flows are tightly controlled to maintain optimal rates of change across hepa filters ensuring the cleanest environment possible.

The system also monitors and controls general area conditions as well as hospital specific plant and equipment such as sterilisers, fridges, RO, water sofeners, medical air and water quality.

Electrical and hydraulic energy consumption is monitored and trended to provide hospital facilities staff with operation data available in a reporting package for detailed analysis to allow optimal operation of the campus.

Systemax remotely supports local contractors, hospital staff and the BMS via Web based access.