Project Description

St Rita’s College

St Rita’s College added Nano Nagle Centre, Sr Elvera Science Centre, Sacred heart and Presentation Buildings plus a multipurpose court to its Clayfield campus.  The goal was for a fully integrated system where ‘WebCTRL’ monitors and controls a full range of services, from  security access control systems to  air conditioning, ventilation and lighting systems all via high level interface. Additionally the BMS monitors and reports on rain and storm water storage, electricity consumption, fire detection alarms and faults.

The BMS controls the air conditioning and lighting in intermittent occupancy areas by utilising the security system motion detectors, when motion has been detected within the school time schedule, the air conditioning and lighting is enabled to operate. When there has been no occupant sensed by the motion detectors the area will resort to unoccupied.   

Systemax provides ongoing regular service, maintenance and remote client support.