Project Description

Santos Place – 32 Turbot Street Brisbane

Santos Place is a 36-storey, A-grade commercial building providing 34,500sqm of commercial office space. As of mid-2010, Santos Place is one of a handful of buildings within Australia to achieve a 6-Star Greenstar as built rating and performs to a 5 star NABERS rating.

Systemax’s BMS incorporates complete mechanical DDC (direct digital control), integration to the smart lighting system, security systems, generators, trigeneration and interactive web based AHRS systems.

Web-available thermographic floor layouts, along with plant graphical representations, indicate the condition of the space and controlling equipment which give building managers and service staff a clear and practical understanding of the system.

The BMS provides systems control and energy consumption via electrical, water and gas metering information for NABERS and Green Star certification.

In addition to ongoing regular service and maintenance we provide system analysis and tuning through REAL services with a focus on energy efficiency and cost savings to operational budgets.