Project Description

George & Adelaide St

BMS works constituted an extensive refurbishment of the control system for a network of central air handler units providing conditioned air to multiple floor VAV units and zone induction units.

The induction units comprise a chilled water coil and constant volume air. Control of these units required a dewpoint algorithm to prevent the production of addition moisture in the building.

Monitoring of operational status and space temperature of tenant supplementary package units and general monitoring and control of plant and equipment including ventilation systems and light circuits provides the building management and maintenance staff with invaluable insight into the operational state of systems.

The 43 floors were successfully completed over a six month period of progressive changeovers with no interruption of services.

Systemax are periodically engaged to complete BMS works associated with floor fitout and make good works. The chilled water system was recently upgraded with the addition of a low load chiller to predominately supply the tavern AHU when operating outside normal business hours.

In addition to ongoing regular service and maintenance we provide system analysis and tuning through REAL services with a focus on energy efficiency and cost savings to operational budgets.