About Us

Systemax opened its doors in October 2004 after identifying a lack of professional, customer orientated BMS service providers traditionally represented by the multinational manufacturers.

Our intimate knowledge of the market recognized a host of installed systems that had been selected at the lowest price and failed to deliver the promised performance, leaving building owners and facility managers the frustration of problem, legacy systems for years to come.

Our focus was to establish our reputation as being the leading provider of quality systems, designed and engineered to the highest level in the best interests of the end user. Our desire to only employ the very best industry specialists is a reflection of our commitment to our reputation and continues to be our greatest asset.

Working with Systemax means working with a committed group of industry leaders and specialists, who provide high level technical expertise and project management resources for our customers and target markets.

Systemax combines the best people with the most superior products, resulting in exceptional outcomes for all stakeholders. As an employee-owned and operated company, we are driven by our actions and attitude with pride and care — working flexibly with sustainable solutions and a commitment to delivering products smartly, efficiently and effectively.


Our Team

Our team boasts local, national and international experience with a multitude of years’ experience within the BMS and security industries, bringing skills for organisations operating an annual turnover exceeding $50 million across specialties as broad as:

  • Managing directors

  • Senior managers and engineers

  • Strategic planners

  • Technical developers

  • Proven expertise in system analysis and improvement

  • Energy management strategies

  • OPEN system integration (LON, BACnet)

  • NABERS accredited professionals

  • Ability to work with and tune legacy systems

We strive to maintain the enviable position of using ALL our clients as exemplary references and continue to make this our measurable differentiator.

Today, our success is a direct reflection of the effective projects delivered and our ongoing relationships with existing customers through direct negotiation for design and install partnerships.   

Founding Directors

Steve Green
Steve GreenManaging Director

With more than 30 years’ experience in the building services sector, Steve’s expertise spans fields as broad as electricity, data communications, energy management and building management systems (BMS). For a decade, Steve worked with CSI Pacific Queensland (later to become TAC Pacific), where he progressed from a trade background to service manager, Queensland state manager and Regional Manager for Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria — employing skills in strong leadership and business skills, while implementing organisational and cultural change with a passion for customer service.

In early 2000, Steve accepted a challenging opportunity to relocate and develop CSI’s United Kingdom arm as Managing Director, a role that was further developed with the organisation’s global acquisition by TAC AB.  Steve helped complete the integration of the combined businesses, transforming a loss-making company into a successful $50 million dollar organisation before moving back to Australia with his family.

Steve brings to Systemax a profound knowledge of business management, professionalism and commitment to customer service rarely experienced within the BMS industry.

John O'Donnell
John O'DonnellEngineering Director (Retired)

As a founding director of Systemax John brought more than 30 years’ international experience within the building services industry, most notably in the energy management and building automation sectors.

An accredited NABERS assessor, John has been involved in all aspects of building automation — from design, project management and commissioning through to service, maintenance and the installation of more than $100 million dollars’ worth of BMS programs.

John’s experience as a high-level engineer and project manager has resulted in a wide range of specialist skills including controlling chillers, managing energy and OPEN Systems (LON & BACnet) utilising a wide range of recognised BMS suppliers systems, while his management and interpersonal skills have led teams throughout Australia.

While working with Systemax John brought a recognised specialist technical knowledge and commitment to customer service widely acknowledged throughout the industry.

John retired in late 2014 but continues to maintain a strong relationship with Systemax and our ever developing solutions.


Systemax’s primary philosophy is to provide superior services to our clients through quality of service, customer consideration and results-oriented solutions.

We value our staff in the same way.

If you have outstanding skills in the building industry and want to be recognised, rewarded and supported for your hard work and skills, we would love to hear from you.

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